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Is Beauty Enough to Become A Perfect Chennai Escort?

One of the rarely uttered requirements to being an escort is to be pretty. While not every escort in Chennai is comparable to a Greek goddess in looks, the trend is rather clear: your typical professional comparison tends to possess more attractive looks than an average woman. But is looks enough? While many people, especially those who have never had a chance to spend time with a Chennai escort, will say that look is the only thing needed to being an escort, we do not agree. Being in this industry for many years and after having served many high-profile clients from India and abroad we are confident that beauty although an important asset in itself but alone cannot turn a woman into a successful escort.

To shine in the industry and to satisfy clients, a Chennai escort needs more than a pretty face. The clients, who typically pay for high-end escorts, are not lacking in female companionship. They pay top dollar for quality time, which includes light but intelligent conversation. That brings us to the top two qualities an escort must possess if she is looking for a long-term career in the industry. Being aware of what these qualities should be of interest to clients to avoid being duped by cute faces with little or non-existing communication skills and a lack of sense of humor.

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Communication Skill of an escort

Although an escort’s looks can render a client speechless, it is how she communicates that gets her bookings. A woman, who is uncomfortable expressing herself concisely, may leave an impression of being unwilling or uncomfortable in the job and can spoil her client’s evening. For clients too, it is difficult to decipher unclear messages and can lead to awkward situations.


Humor of your Girl

After communication, if something matters, it is her sense of humor. There is a joke in the industry that an Anna Nagar escort with a sense of humor is only as much fun as an escort with a contraceptive. It makes it easier for clients, especially those who are first timers, to build rapport and have a nice time. To sum up, the next time you go looking for an escort, prefer someone who is not only pretty but also has formidable communication skills and a lively sense of humor. So, before entering into the adult industry, make sure that you have some extra quality as well.


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