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Why Do Men Like Escorts?

As an Indian if he has been with an Indian escort, you will always get a confused answer. Most men have never encountered an escort service in their lives and do not think they will call one. At the same time, there are many, many men – 20 percent of male population, according to a survey conducted in Mumbai like escorts. What is it that entices them to spend a hell lot of money on a woman with whom they will not necessarily have a happy ending? Here, we are not talking about blokes, but men who are financially and socially successful and can easily get a girlfriend, if they so want. Yet, they insist on temporary, paid companionship with women. Are they mad? It turns out, no. They have their own reasons, such as:

Escorts Are Not Prostitutes

The men who hire escorts in Chennai are not some horrible, deformed monsters. They are usually very handsome and rich men who prefer escorts because they do not have time to date women and build long-term relationships. Traveling businessmen are usually near the top of the list of candidates who hire escorts or contact female escort agencies in Chennai.They prefer escorts over prostitutes because escorts are not destitute women after money. They are well educated, well dressed and well-paid individuals who know how to have a nice conversation with a rich man. And men are like it, because not all of them are dogs.

Beauty with Brains

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some men do not go out and try dating women because they think they do not have an attractive personality. They are good-looking and wealthy, but not sophisticated. So they went for Alwarpet escorts, thinking that escorts can show them a glimpse of high-class dating. And they are usually right.

Escorts do not always sleep with you

you can pay an escort INR 10000 an hour and she may still refuse to sleep with you, if that is not a part of your deal. Men like this professionalism. And many of them do not care about it because all they want is someone who can accompany them to nice places. A woman with an attitude makes them feel proud.Besides that, there are a dozen more reasons. You can learn about them if you hire an escort. It will be interesting. Try it.


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